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We are an Initiative of Sri Aurobindo Yoga And Knowledge Foundation and with ever growing development there’s comes a new challenge & complexities we tailor our work to feed the need of communities & countries by building a sustainable future.

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SustainableIndia work with people from all level of society to help the Nation withstand crises and drive sustainable growth to improve quality of life of everyone.



To help countries and citizens in their efforts to achieve sustainable human development to build their capacity to design and carry out development programme and employment creation, sustainable livelihood, empowerment of women & protection & regeneration of the environment.

What we do

What we do

Our solution are integrated responses to development against which we align our resources & expertise to make a real impact by empowering lives & making nations resilient.

Building Consiousness & Awareness

Our sensitization program includes conducting conferences at international & national platform.Another part of it includes making educational institutions aware by conducting sustainable development activity based programmes for rural & urban levels.

Recognise & Reward

We recognise the brilliant minds across India & reward their initiatives towards sustainability in form of awards & help companies & individuals to become resilient & empowered.

Collective Growth

We believe that the shift can only be created when the action taken is impactful & collective.Hence we empower entrepreneurs by connecting them to business & services by providing them a platform that creates equal growth & opportunities.

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