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We have developed a unique solution that combines bamboo and High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE). nature of HDPE. HDPE is known to have a life of between 50 to 100 years. It is highly resistive to heat, light and water & other forces of nature. It also resistant to stress caused due to pulling, has good weight bearing ability & can bend to take the strain due to high winds, etc. This HDPE protects the encased bamboo material from rapid weathering, thus taking advantage of both the strength and tensile strength of bamboo and the rugged nature of HDPE.

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Our product “EACO STEEL RUDDER ” consists of a Galvanized Iron (GI) Sheet with special injected Polyurethane Foam material. The pole has been reinforced with bamboo – which has been proven to have 6 times the TENSILE strength of steel for certain applications. This solution provides tensile strength that can bear the forces of nature. We have also innovated a unique way to install the poles with a self-drilling solution – taking away the need for cement, water, grouting and heavy labour cost of installation. This saves valuable installation time & hassle of carrying grouting material to the site. Put together with a customized manufacturing process & tight QC checks, this product is poised to reduce total cost of Installation & Ownership (TCIO).

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